About the lab

The company started in 1984 in the living room of the family house. With one cutting station and Maciej as the only person in the company, it gradually expanded to the current size of over 140 employees. 

We are a fully independent laboratory that offers a broad spectrum of services. We work from the start of the production process being introduction of plants to tissue culture through to mass multiplication and rooting in the greenhouse upon clients request. We strive to be innovative by introducing new production standards such as new LED lightening technology and experiments with more transparent production containers, all in order to improve the quality of products and efficiency of our production. 

We believe our business is sustainable due to our constant focus on product quality. We achieve this by maintaining multiplication stock fresh as well as ensuring sterile condition throughout the whole production process. By high quality products we understand virus and bacteria free plants of homogenous characteristics, as we want to ensure our clients limit their expenses in the further stages of production. 

Constant communication with our clients and up to date feedback about our products is one of our priorities. We visit our clients regularly and provide practical advice and guidance on best transition of our products from tissue culture to soil medium. In order to ensure our clients are up to date with production of their contracted plants we provide timely updates including photo reports before shipment. 

The laboratory is managed by: 

Maciej Norwa - founder and owner of the company. He was educated at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) and graduated from MSc in Agricultural Economics. From the beginning he was involved in horticulture sector with early work in cut flowers greenhouses. Upon university graduation, he set up the pioneering tissue culture company. Having experienced a lot with different mediums and plant varieties he gained thorough knowledge about plant biology and practical aspects of mass production. He cooperated closely with the Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice in order to share experiences and introduce most innovative tissue culture techniques. 

Currently his role in the company is strategic planning and company general development. He maintains contact with clients and coordinates sales efforts. Moreover, given his theoretical and practical experiences he supervises experiments and new technology introduction in the lab. 

Joanna Ślązak - the head of production. Same as Maciej, she graduated from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, where she studied MSc in Agriculture with particular focus on plant pathology. In the beginning she worked 9 years for leading growers in Poland in production of chrysanthemums and cloves. Later, she made a successful move to tissue culture technology. She managed the laboratory of Prego Warsaw (subsidiary of Pressman BV) for 8 years. In 2000 she moved to Norwa lab. Having had over 30 years of experience in horticulture, she is well equipped to deal with production planning and management. On the daily basis, she takes care of smooth production and supervision of leading personnel. Joanna also manages daily contact with clients and plant shipments. 

Piotr Sulej is leading the office and administrative efforts including HR and tax issues. 

Ela Orman is managing the information database in the laboratory.